Tre Bicchieri 2011: Liguria Puglia Sicily TnAA

by Thursday, September 30, 2010

This year I am well 402 (against the 391 last year) the wines up to three glasses, the highest score awarded by Guide wines of Italy of Gambero Rosso. Among the winning regions in the Piedmont, with 81 wines, followed by Tuscany, with 69, from Veneto, with 35, Friuli with 31, South Tyrol with 27. Follows in Lombardy 21, Campania a 19, the brands at 17, Sicily at 15 and Abruzzo 13. To follow Sardinia with 11 and Puglia with 10, and then Trentino and Valle d'Aosta with 9, Liguria 7, Valle d'Aosta 6, and finally, Basilicata and Lazio with 3, Calabria with 2 and Molise with 1. Corporate cards, In addition to the usual personal data and those regarding the wine activities, shall be accompanied by information about the hospitality, the chance to visit the company and buy the wine.


Colli di Luni Vermentino Costa Marina ’09 Lambrusco
Colli di Luni Vermentino Lunae Et. Nera ’09 Wineries Lunae Banik
Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato Cycnus ’09 Poggio of Hinterland
Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vermentino ’09 Bianchi
Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vermentino Greenhouses ’08 Wolves & (C).
Rossese di Dolceacqua Bricco Arcagna ’08 Terre Bianche
Rossese di Dolceacqua Sup. VIGN. 18 frühlingssextett II ’08 Maccario Dringenberg


Garnet ’07 Foradori
Teroldego Rotaliano Maso Cervara ’07 Cavit
Trent Altemasi Grail Brut Ris. ’03 Cavit
Trento Balter Ris. ’04 Balter
Trento Brut Domains ’05 Black Abbot
Trento Brut Letrari Ris. ’05 Letrari
Trento Extra Brut Perlé Nero ’04 Ferrari
Trento Giulio Ferrari founder's Reserve Brut ’01 Ferrari
Trent Methius Brut Ris. ’04 Dorigati


TO. TO. Gewürtztraminer Movado ’09 Andriano
TO. TO. Gewürztraminer Kastelaz ’09 Elena Walch
TO. TO. Gewürztraminer Nussbaumer ’09 Tramin
TO. TO. Lagrein Abtei Ris. ’07 Muri-Gries
TO. TO. Lagrein Linticlarus Ris. ’07 Tiefenbrunner
TO. TO. Lagrein Scuro Chic Mirell Lines ’08 Waldgries – Christian Plattner
TO. TO. Moscato Giallo Sweet Serenade ’07 Caldaro
TO. TO. Moscato Giallo Passito Sissi Graf von Meran ’08
TO. TO. Pinot Blanc Dellago ’09 St. Magdalena/Cantina Produttori Bolzano
TO. TO. Pinot Blanc Sirmian ’09 Nals Margreid
TO. TO. Pinot Blanc Strahler ’09 Villa Ottone
TO. TO. Santa Maddalena Cl. ’09 Pfannenstielhof – Johannes Pfeifer
TO. TO. Sauvignon Praesulis ’09 Gumphof – Markus Prackwieser
TO. TO. Sauvignon Sel. Flora ’09 Girlan
TO. TO. Sauvignon St. Valentin ’09 San Michele Appiano
TO. TO. Terlano Pinot Bianco DeSilva ’09 Sölva & Söhne
TO. TO. Terlano Pinot Bianco Eichhorn ’09 Manincor
TO. TO. Terlano Pinot Blanc Vorberg Ris.’07 Terlano
TO. TO. Eisack Valley Pinot Gris ’09 Köfererhof – Günther Kershbaumer
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Riesling Praepositus ’08 Abbazia di Novacella
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Sylvaner ’09 Garlider – Christian Kerchbaumer
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Sylvaner R ’09 Köfererhof – Günther Kershbaumer
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Veltliner ’09 Hoandlhof – Manfred Nössing
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Veltliner ’09 Kuenhof – Peter Pliger
TO. TO. Valle Isarco Veltliner ’09 Strasserhof
TO. TO. Venosta Valley Riesling ’09 Falkenstein – Franz Pratzner
TO. TO. Venosta Valley Riesling ’09 Unterortl – Juval Castle


Castel del Monte Red V. Ris Pedal. ’07 Torrevento
Gioia del Colle Sant'Angelo Contrada Barbatto Wall ’07 Chiaromonte
Gioia del Colle Primitivo ’07 Polvanera
Masseria Maime ’08 Tormaresca
Nero ’07 Mint
Primitivo di Manduria Es ’08 Up
The Primitive Lady ’07 Morella
Rasciatano Nero di Troia ’08 Rasciatano
Donna Lisa Salice Salentino Rosso Ris. ’06 Leone de Castris
Salice Salentino Rosso Ris Selvarossa. ’07 Two Palms


Cabernet Sauvignon ’08 Tasca d'almerita
Mandrarossa Cellar Cartagho ’08 Settesoli
Comet ’09 Planeta
Etna Rosso ’07 Cottanera
Etna Rosso Archineri ’08 Pietra Dolce
Etna Rosso Santo Spirito ’08 Terre Nere
Etna Rosso Sciarakè ’08 Destro
Blade Lighthouse ’08 Blade
Harmonium ’08 Firriato
Marsala Vergine Ris. ' 81 Pellegrino
Nero d'Avola Versace ’08 Feudi del Pisciotto
Neromàccarj ’07 Gulfi
Sàgana ’08 Cusumano
Saia ’08 Feudo Maccari
Tancred ’07 Donnafugata


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