After the Speed Date, Here's the Aperitif

by Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday in September. The historic centre of Trento. The Sun is shining and after two days of working gozzovigliamenti I decide to go get me a walk fat burners. Landing in the city center of Council and meeting some friends: chat (other than walk) and then the decision to continue sitting drinking raccontarcela two beautiful TrentoDoc bubbles. AND’ noon and a half, Duomo square bustles with participants in a marathon and in addition it is the first weekend of the event “Autumn trentino”, gastronomy and delights in the nearby piazza Cesare Battisti. We sit down to coffee City, where we can find a single free table, beautiful happy to enjoy the Sun that heats but does not sweat. Shortly thereafter comes the waitress who, instead of smiling and ask ourselves what we want, intimate us «in two minutes we close, you want to order too?». My friends and I we look… I think: «No, the aperitif time right no! No, Come on, be kidding… Or is it a new trend: After the speed date now there is the aperitif…». The waitress looks at us severe with them, I understand that is not joking, nor that it is a new fashion. «No No, We go», the answer. And will dock at the Cathedral Treasure, chock-a-block also, with the friendly waiter ricciolone that sways perhaps prey to too many Altemasi served during the morning and launches into jokes gogliardiche. At least he smiles. There we stay there until three in the afternoon and my fat burning walk goes up the chimney, replaced by two beautiful flute of bubbly, from a good company and a little’ of melancholy. Yes, because the hospitality in Trento still has many steps to do…

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  • Gianni
    September 27, 2010

    and then speak of crisis!!!!!!
    missing much and courtesy Trentino proffessionalità

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