The Cous Cous Fest 2010 Tunisia and Italy win

by Monday, September 27, 2010

Edoardo Raspelli, President of the jury of the Cous Cous Fest, and the Tunisian chef winner Hajer Aroui

The Tunisia is the award-winning country, offered by Electrolux Professional and awarded by the jury of the 13th edition of Cous Cous Fest, the international festival of cultural integration of San Vito Lo Capo. The recipe for lamb cous cous, prepared by chef Hajer Arouie and Ali Msoughi, was the most voted from among those submitted by nine countries in competition, Algeria, Ivory Coast, France, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia, According to the technical opinion of the jury, consisting of ten journalists, Chef and international cuisine experts and led by Edoardo Raspelli. The two chefs winners will participate in a professional kitchen Electrolux Professional at the Innovation center of Pordenone. The recipe, with lamb and chickpeas, sultanas, raisins, Peppers, potatoes, Zucchini and tomato, But even chilli and turmeric is, According to the reasoning of the jury, "a harmonious and opulent dish with some gentle innovative element to form an excellent cocktail of colors and flavors".

The Tunisia has imposed itself on other participants in very large majority "especially for the flavours, wealth and tradition that has engaged the presence of less usual items ". The award ceremony took place last night in the crowded piazza Santuario di San Vito Lo Capo in the presence of Minister of health Ferruccio Fazio, the President of the province of Trapani, Mimmo Turano and Mayor of San Vito Lo Capo, Matteo Rizzo.
Popular jury award, offered by Rewarded Oil Barbera, went toItaly. The recipe, cous cous with "buzzunaglia" of fish and sea flowers, presented by San Vito Antonella Peace, Vito Miceli and palermitano Ivan Scebba, he conquered the palate of ordinary people that has enjoyed a traditional recipe marinara trapanese that enhances ingredients now neglected by modern kitchen, as the eggs of the most popular fish to soup and fried sea anemone. It went instead to France, represented by Jean Francois Haloin and Roger Hennequin, the prize for the best presentation of the dish, offered by San Pellegrino "for a paticular choreography with chromatic contrasts and use of floral elements: a plate was harmonious for the roundness and elongated forms that gave birth to a beautiful picture ".


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