Taste of Milan

by Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milan as London, Cape Town, Dubai, Sydney, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin.
In September, from 23 al 26, the green heart of the city, Parco Sempione, will be transformed into the largest temporary restaurant ever staged in Milan, with 12 among the best restaurants in the city for the first time together and to propose to all lovers of good food and haute cuisine a unique gourmet experience.

Omar Students, Andrea Berton, Carlo Cracco, Filippo Gozzoli, Aimo Moroni, Yoshikazu Ninomiya, Roberto Okabe, Davide Oldani, Andrea Jeremy, Claudio Sadler, Matteo Torretta, Viviana Varese: for four days these chefs will work together, making available to the public their mastery, having to cook outdoors and holding lectures and cooking classes.
Already the international stage for fashion, design and finance, Milan also will become the capital of taste and common convivio.
From traditional Italian cuisine to typical regional and Milan, passando per le divagazioni esotiche della cucina giapponese e internazionale: Taste of Milano sarà il palcoscenico della migliore ristorazione che la città ha da offrire.

Taste of Milan è un evento a numero chiuso in modo da consentire a tutti i partecipanti la migliore esperienza possibile.

Il biglietto di Taste of Milano consente l’ingresso alle seguenti sessioni lunch & dinner:
Thursday, 23 settembre dinner 18.30 – 23.30
Friday, 24 settembre lunch 11.00 – 15.30 / dinner 18.30 – 23.00
Saturday 25 settembre lunch 11.00 – 15.30 / dinner 18.30 – 23.00
Sunday 26 settembre lunch 11.00 – 15.30 / dinner 17.30 – 22.00

Il biglietto consente l’accesso all’intero evento e alle attività interattive proposte. Il programma delle attività sarà costantemente aggiornato su www.tasteofmilano.it

Ogni biglietto (22 euro, 13 euro per i bambini fino a 13 years) from right at the entrance to one session of your choice among the available days and times and remains valid only for the times indicated on the ticket.

Taste of Milan will be the showcase of the Milan dining excellence and the Parco del Castello Sforzesco, the scenario that will host the chef that better represent: important names such as Ristorante Cracco, Trussardi alla Scala, D'O, The Park Restaurant (at the Park Hyatt Milan), The Liberty, The Aimo and Nadia, Alices Restaurant, Ristorante Sadler, White Restaurant, Savini, Osaka and Finger's. A top quality gastronomic festival, But even a luxury picnic in the green heart of the city, a cool event, but most of all an occasion for very considerable ”foodies” Italians.
The only event where you can have lunch and/or dinner in the best restaurants of the city by moving only a few yards, with the opportunity to taste the specialties of great chefs immersed in nature and in the tranquility of the Park a stone's throw from the Centre of Milanese metropolis.
Each restaurant will offer three courses, more representative of his culinary philosophy, tasting version – Taste – precisely at a price between 4 and the 6 euro. To facilitate the food dishes and drinks can be purchased with the "currency" of Taste of Milan, in honor of the city, called Duchy.

But there is more! Although the restaurants are the main attraction of the event, will not be the only!
Chefs Theatre, the exclusive Lounge with bar, the stage of music, the cooking school, The wine Academy will be just some of the attractions that, with fun and educational activities on food and wine theme, will form the substance of this incredible event, a veritable feast of ”foodies”. And then Taste Chocolate, Taste Oil, Taste Beer, Taste Cheese, Taste Bio, Taste Fresh, Taste Wine: many thematic areas selected for manufacturers will offer many goodies and inspire both the chef, both visitors to create new and great recipes.

We mark, among the missed task, those of Swiss cheeses. David Oltolini, known food critic, specializing in tasting techniques, conduct during the food and Wine Festival 4 tasting courses focused on Emmentaler AOC, Le Gruyère DOP, Sbrinz AOC, Tête de Moine AOC. Lovers of good food can not lose 3 cooking classes taught by Walter Villa, Chef de La Cucina Italiana, who will play the cheeses from Switzerland with authentic recipes from gourmet.

Highlight of the Taste of Milan for the cheeses from Switzerland will be the 3 cooking lessons of Claudio Sadler, one of the best-known chefs in Italy, famous for its lively and spontaneous creativity. Sadler will present for the occasion 3 recipes that highlight the versatility of Emmentaler AOC, Le Gruyère DOP, Sbrinz AOC, Tête de Moine AOC, and will share the secrets of their preparation with course participants.

Institutional booth Cheeses from Switzerland, then, It will be possible to taste once Emmentaler AOC, Le Gruyère DOP, Sbrinz AOC, Tête de Moine AOC in their different types of. All really try!


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