Vinopoli and salaries of Directors of wine

by Monday, September 20, 2010

The peasants ' protest (replica today with the Minister Sacconi): the video, Click here.

Do you remember calciopoli? Here's, I think the social cellars of Trentino affair we are on the same trail, We are looking at Vinopoli. Because until things went well although there were alarm bells but incomes and salaries were not worry, Anyone who has looked good to say “But…” and questioning something. Now that's disturbing scenario emerges, of millions of euros over no one knows where, relationship between import and export company to clarify, financial statements by reviewing why alleged irregular, etc etc..

In all this there is a picture of the Trentino wine and trentino in particular who is leaving massacred. And we must hope that the newspapers don't decide to slam into first page or cover.

In all this there must be a lesson to learn:

– that markets must be anticipated and understood before they occur

– the products of the Earth must be connected to it and do not follow fashions

– the coop system trentino all (from wine to milk, from cheese to cable cars) must change because now it is not, in this form, a model for anyone. The long-rumored, but who said it was a mockery. To change it takes new people and new mission statement

– the peasants trentini must stop making so much account on Pat and Fedcoop and start developing a personal pride and an entrepreneurial spirit just

– that the autoreferenziarsi can only bring trouble and that the Trentino should be open and listen to voices from outside (or even from within, do you remember when the then President of the cellar Toblino Carlo Filiberto Blaws spoke of future collapse of prices and commercial properties? Shortly after was eliminated from any institutional position)

The question of the day, today, is no other: the remuneration of the directors of The Vis. In the exercise 2008-2009 Roberto Giacomoni , then President of The Vis, the Director Fausto Peratoner , and the manager Cesare Andermarcher received 690 thousand euros in all acting as directors of Casa Girelli s.p.a., the Group's trading company. This not counting payments obtained for other subsidiaries or subsidiaries by lavisana. The data is contained in the explanatory notes of the last budget available to Casa Girelli, that closed with a loss of 1,7 million euros, repeated this year, According to first estimates available, almost in the same proportions. Other group companies The Vis mentioned are available the compensations of the directors are the winery and its subsidiary Ethica spa. In the cellar the compensation amount in all to 74 thousand euros, but the Board includes ben 21 Administrators and then we're talking about a very low per capita figure. Unlike the case of Ethica, where there are three advisors, Ivo Piffer , Alfred Nicolodi and same Peratoner, and receive a total annual remuneration 49 thousand euros. Giacomoni, Peratoner and Andermarcher have, In addition, positions in other companies take part from The Vis, but there is no information about compensation administrators. The former number one of the cellar is President of the spumantistica home Cesarini Sforza, of the Basilica and Poggio Cafaggio Morino, the two Tuscan agricultural society with limited liability. Peratoner is member of the Board of Directors, almost always with proxies, in Cesarini Sforza, Ethica, Basilica Cafaggio, Poggio Morino. In addition, by February, the Director is still in charge of The Vis is administrator for United Wineries International sa, the Swiss group holding Spanish commercial distribution Arco Bodegas Unidas, Winery partners in Great Britain. Andermarcher, in turn, is counselor in Cesarini Sforza and Basilica Cafaggio. Is then chief executive officer , i.e. CEO, of F&F Fine Wines International Inc., the importer of The Vis wines in the United States. Fwi, He now has adopted the brand name Ethica Wines, It is in fact controlled by the men of the coop thirty. Cases of compensation of a certain entity in the world of wine are about cooperation, but not at the level of The Vis. Group Mezzacorona, total compensation of the directors of the cellar, including those earned in subsidiaries, amounted to 297 thousand euros. The figure increased, 134 thousand euros, It is the responsibility of the CEO Fabio Rizzoli . The members of the Board of Directors of the Consortium Cavit, they are eleven, receive all over 111 thousand euros. In individual wine cellars, Instead, royalties are modest. They range from 6 thousand of names to 9 thousand of sundials, to 12 thousand of Isera, to 13 thousand Moors, to 18 thousand of Aldeno and Avio, for ten to fifteen Board of Directors.

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  • friend of wine
    September 20, 2010

    How do you comment on exaggerated compensation of Directors without going through envious? And then, who said that only those fees are outlined in the budget? There are benefits for commercial transactions, for speculations made possible by the role that it plays, etc. Otherwise how do you explain that some of these people personally intervened, replacing even in purchases that would make the company that administered? Without saying the compensation of those who have recently retired with pharaonic tsunami save fees these days… In Short: It is time to review all the wine cooperative model and bring it back on the track of traditional values. Which does not mean model to starve to death, Why elsewhere you're living decently and serenely without the excesses of Trentino.

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