150 years of Segnana

by Friday, September 17, 2010

Si chama Segnana Anniversary and the new limited edition product – 1860 numbered bottles, as 1860 It is the year of Foundation of the distillery thirty, owned by the Lunelli family from 1982 – that debuted last night to celebrate 150 years of life of the ancient grappicola local realities. A little ' gem ', defines Marcello Lunelli, deus ex machina of this new product, made in secret, secretly by the family, as for Giulio Ferrari and its inventor, Mauro Lunelli. "It was the 1998 When me and our Master Distiller Mirko Scarabello we thought we'd do something odd and see what happened. The Foundation wanted to be those of a grappa that still there was in trentino, made with star such as Marc Maso Pianizza, namely those of Giulio Ferrari, and then put to age in wood, dimenticandosela til there would have seemed good. We did everything secretly, as it did in the 1970s, my uncle Mauro for Giulio». And here it is, then, After 12 years of ageing, the new Anniversary Segnana, 50 % ABV, «in contrast with the current taste tends to lower the shades», destined to be a product "one spot": «It will still», ensures Marcello. Although she is the product that the Lunelli family chose to celebrate 150 years of distillery.

After the redesign of the bottles 2008 and the focus on amber and aromatic distillates, the entire production of grappa SEgnana settles down around 250,000 bottles for a turnover of around 2 million euros, predominantly in Italy aged in traditional channels and those of large retailers, with a boom in southern Italy. "We have growth forecasts – concluded Marcello – especially on amber and grappa in foreign markets, Europe and Japan in the first place».

«Long life to a product that has a completely different history than wine. The true essence of agriculture in the field of liquids is not brandy wine in Trentino. And in the imagination of consumers the Trentino is grappa before wine», Lunelli concludes.

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  • dolomitewine
    September 18, 2010

    “the Trentino is grappa before wine”

    By enotecario I could confirm.
    By keen (Defender) of Trentino wines is yet another blow to the heart, even though hearing him say by a representative of the Lunelli family, It makes me wonder.
    Considering the bad reputation of grappa in foreign markets, where is considered the last of the “spirits” (only good to warm up in a refuge during the week) makes me smile put me as an Englishman or an American, and think the quality of wines from Trentino, from whose Marc it produces underrated grappa.
    After all even in Cognac, the wines are not that great…

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