It is not enough to be principles for knowing how to uncap a bottle

by Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Italy 2010 (photo Michelangelo Cecchetto)

Look at this photo. 13 September, but now the 14 towards a at night, crowning of Miss Italy 2010. What they are doing, there right, Emanuele Filiberto and Flavio Insinna, watched with chagrin by Milly Carlucci? They are trying to open the bottle of Asti Spumante, This year the Miss Italy bubbles (with a custom label for the contest), to celebrate the new Ambassador of Italian beauty, the umbra Francesca Testasecca.

But live on RaiUno the two Tom's Knights of baldi and Carlucci are unable to open the bottle: in two and men, not can stapparla, to make provisions, that is a nice sparkling bath as a kind of F1, the newly-elected.

[youtube = =-PJmd8EdcBs&feature = popular]

Wine Women Wont and, boys, Men Women Wont! Certainly not those who are unable to open a bottle of bubbles… A scene so “moving” that was worth the look thrilled of Carlucci and the intervention of Sophia Loren, He wanted to rush to the rescue of the two, to open it you sparkling wine… I'm almost sure there would… Isn't that the bottle had problems, so much so that shortly after, I confided the same evening the President of Asti, We wanted him to see the Prince and Insinna as open in two moves…

The Brook of Beautiluf with GG in the basement of Miss Italy by Fausto Borella (photo Luigi Saggese)

GG and Ron Moss, i.e. Ridge!

Shoes almost twins for GG and Valentina Agnoletto Miss Wella 2009

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  • Gabriele
    September 15, 2010

    …. omsa, that legs ! G.

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