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by Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carry over the junta's release. The measure was necessary in order to support the cooperative, which as you know is going through a difficult situation particularly serious, It also invests a large part of the sector in which it operates. The Giunta provinciale, in taking the decision today, He acknowledged to the Board the efforts to tackle the difficulties that have led to a worrisome financial framework, but he also noted – on the basis of a specific report sent by the Federation about the cooperation in the review – that the situation is objectively such as to necessitate this step, that same Federation demanded. As Commissioner was appointed the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Marco Zanoni, the choice of which is motivated by professionalism and business knowledge accumulated during his professional affair. Given the importance of LaVis was also decided to appoint an Assistant Chief Constable, in the person of Fausto Campostrini, Director of Isera cellar. The Commissioner has one year and can be extended, in case of need, only another six months. «The Province – Daniel said at the end of this morning's Council meeting – will do its part and asks the cooperative world and more generally to the whole wine sector the maximum collaboration, addressing a particular invitation to owners of the winery to LaVis “take hard” in the belief that this moment of difficulty will be overcome with the contribution of all. In particular – concludes Mr Dellai – the provincial Council, While his reappointment commitment to relaunch the sector, even through the study entrusted to the Foundation Mach-Istituto agrario di San Michele all'Adige, hopes on the ability of the cooperative system be in solidarity with the cooperative LaVis, that must and may still have a crucial role in the agricultural landscape of the Trentino, and calls on all parties to work to reduce the risk of a dangerous fragmentation of the membership base of the cellar. The Commissioner must be seen as an act of responsibility and commitment, but also by confidence in the capacity of the wine cellar LaVis to overcome difficulties and continue its role of service to identity and land economy. The road will be some uphill – concluded the President – but together we can continue».

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  • Mario
    September 2, 2010

    Good Evening Francesca,
    I read with amazement the newspapers that reported the news of La-vis Commissioner. I am surprised by the silence “assordande” of Direction. Former President Gamal, the Director Pan, the Deputy Director Andermarcher have nothing to comment. Don't feel the need to justify – Although 80 million euro hole (and are they not all) – are difficult to justify. These gentlemen were given over the years a considerable amount of Government grants: often grants…some of our politicians asked enlightenment to Lavis on where did all that money and how did it come to debt?? And you do not invoke the misfortune or the crisis…who is at the top of an organization is responsible for its development.

    I think it's time to rethink the system of cooperation. Too easy try making the entrepreneur when you have easy access to credit (rural banks are cooperatives or not…)and shoulders covered by public financial assistance. And then if it goes wrong, If I was incompetent or incapable anyway don't risk anything…

    But perhaps a major mea culpa should recite it own our politicians that providing contributions to rain and not asking for feedback of money granted allowed happen all.

    On the net you find items of various journalists who do not suspect (Since 2002)They wondered how could he go on the trentino wine system where you paid the most wine grapes…
    Of course now everyone you care about shareholders…and it is right ... But why no one warned them (Although with a little’ the common sense you would have to figure out on your own) that such a system could not last over time. AND’ went ahead a little’ just because mom province has often opened the purse strings.

    in essence,Dear Francesca, everything had already been written and provided. I'm curious to see how it ends and if someone will ask the direction of Lavis where did the money…and we hope that you will intervene decisively so as to prevent a similar event will happen again…Is not much mezzacorona from Lavis

  • doubtful employee
    September 2, 2010


    Talking with a few more links’ informed me on the question of the Commissioner of the La-Vis,I seriously doubt have arisen, (amletici not)on an issue that would be worth deepening,summarize them in a question: -The decision to seek bankruptcy protection and la-Vis’ only (or even)a political manoeuvre to cover up the request of a large group of members to hold an urgent meeting to discuss the promotion of action by liability and exposed to a court about handling current administrators?

    • geishagourmet
      September 3, 2010

      Dear, Today the courier spoke a little’ the need for change, said by Fedcoop actors… As for the Commissioner, definitely in my opinion I believe, talking with experts and practitioners, It's a maneuver not so much of members, the Fedcoop and province, in order to decide what to do with confidence, as for saving money, are there. How much, yet, to Mezzacorona, my piece today on Corriere showed what was said in closing the comment by Mario…I am really sick, because it is not nice to talk about those things that do not give a good image of our land.

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