The B side of building

by Monday, August 30, 2010

They build palaces or producing building materials, but their real passion is wine, restaurants and hotels: by Vittorio Moretti brothers Imberti, journey into the B side(statesman) the construction industry

But architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, man of letters, musician and inventor. Leonardo da Vinci was actually an aspiring Cook. Is this the theory advocated the Englishman Jonathan Routh, became famous in the 1960s as head of "Candid Camera". That it is, then, also this a candid camera in the literary sense? What is certain is that in his book, "Notes of Leonardo da Vinci's kitchen" (Voland, 2004, 12 euro), the historical reconstruction of the genius in love with pots and cookers seems so real that is not to ask so many questions. Maybe because it is liking the idea of Leonardo that paints the Mona Lisa or studied hydraulic engineering works and only military to make ends meet and afford to indulge her dream of chef.

If Leonardo da Vinci was really a precursor of nouvelle cuisine probably we'll never know, What we know, Instead, is that certainly many people building really have turned into reality the dream that was of the Tuscan genius, opening restaurants, building cellars where wine and produce hotel where he practice the art of hospitality. Is this the "b-side" of building, more prevalent than you might think.


The emblem of this "dual personality" the construction industry is Vittorio Moretti, one of the best-known entrepreneurs of Brescia in the world. He who in his youth was the day "magutt", the laborer, and in the evening he attended a vocational school to become a master builder, in more than 30 years has built a veritable Empire of taste ", starting from buildings has unraveled between estates, hospitality facilities, shopping malls (The porte franche of Erbusco), shipyards, golf courses. And it's always him the deus ex machina of Bellavista, spumante Franciacorta capable of rivaling the best French champagne.

His is a story so compelling that you can't tell. The 1967 It is the year that marks the start of the first business that Vittorio Moretti develops in the sector of industrialized building, focusing on an innovative and secure element development in those years: the prefab. Thus was born the company Moretti Spa, they will then be joined by six other subsidiaries: Structures, Panels, Armor, Module, Moretti West, Montedildue. And then establishes the Moretti Interholz, for the production of laminated wood structures to aesthetic and functional completion of prefabricated structures. Today, the building sector has achieved a consolidated statement on the market mainly thanks to the cohesion of four divisions that belong to Moretti Spa – The construction industry, whose competitive strength lies in offering a complete production cycle for the realization and installation of prefabricated structures for medium and large architectural projects. Is born a new Division, specialized in the construction of basements, that has created more than 100 facilities throughout Italy. Chairman of the construction sector is Vittorio Moretti joined by Managing Director John Bailey and Lorenzo Guerini, General Manager. Because Division by the cellars? Because wine has always been the bullet of Moretti. In 1974 buy a few acres of vineyard and a winery adjacent builds the House of family simply to meet a personal need: «Making good wine to share with friends and satisfy the desire for a return to Earth». But two years later, the "cellar family", that will soon be known as Bellavista, the name of the Hill upon which arose, Decides to go on the market. In the years, the hectares of vineyards owned by become 184 and the company, that has always put into practice a production philosophy aimed at the pursuit of excellence, has now reached a very high level of concern at national and international level. In 1986, Moretti takes a new entrepreneurial road, the catering: the balloon of Sodi, in Erbusco, a cottage 1600 cleverly transformed into an elegant guest house turned into a restaurant and managed by Chapman family. Two years later, Moretti invests in bubbles, with the company Contadi Castaldi, result of a careful restoration of a furnace of late ' 800, known today for his Symbolik. To host national and international customers often visit to Bellavista, Moretti decides to open in Erbusco, a stone's throw from the basement, L'albereta, Hotel that is now part of the prestigious chain Relais & Chateaux, the restaurant is managed by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, the most famous Italian chef in the world. The direction generale de L'albereta and hotel Division of the Group has been entrusted by Vittorio Moretti to eldest daughter Carmen, that in 2003 He completed the hotel offer by opening a space dedicated to well-being and entrusting it to the experience of Henri Chenot. In 1997 Petra arrives, a new outlet in the wine industry with a winery in Tuscany, in Suvereto (Livorno), that Man is directing the second daughter Frances. Throughout 300 hectares, referred 100 vineyards, design architecture designed by Mario Botta, entirely built by Moretti Spa to meet the intention of Vittorio Moretti: produce maximum naturalness red wines through the use of the force of gravity, cardinal principle of architectural drawing. Always in Tuscany, in 2001, Moretti acquires in Castiglion della Pescaia (GR) the tenuta La Badiola, antica dimora del Granduca di Toscana, in partnership with the French group Alain Ducasse, the famous French chef. Five hundred hectares with vineyards, olive groves and Inns, once used for tobacco production and typical products, where now you will find a hotel, L'andana, with 33 exclusive new rooms, la Trattoria Toscana by Alain Ducasse, a golf course and a cellar, bearing the name of the estate and produces four strong territorial wines. Meanwhile, among the many other activities, based alongside its construction companies the shipyard Maxi Dolphin, they come out beautiful sailboats: fiberglass hulls, carbon equipment and solid teak on the deck.

Terra Moretti is the family holding company that controls the Group's activities, 650 employees, consolidated turnover of 73 million and an export of 20% Thanks to wine.


Exemplary case is that of Roger Brunori, 52 years, occupation CEO of Brescia steelworks Ferriera Valsabbia: years ago invested in a farm. A good practical Brescia, the attempted close to home and work, to Picedo of Polpenazze del Garda, the Lombard shore of Benaco. The initial idea was to breed calves, but without the use of estrogen the result would not be competitive. So he left the Cowboys to dress those of vigneron, and successfully. Today the former farm Cascina La Pertica produces, According to the strict criteria of biodynamic agriculture, The Zalte, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes that took tre bicchieri by Gambero Rosso», proudly explains Brunori.


Gian Domenico Garcia is one of the most prominent personalities of the world of Italian construction. Is the Colossus of Laterlite expanded clay and the well-known trademark Leca. Few know that, actually, the family's fortunes Garcia is not from construction, but American mines, before, and the hotel trade, After. «My grandfather – tells Garcia – emigrated to the United States to go to work in the coal mines of Wihoming and after many years returned in Trentino, my homeland, with a lot of capital to be invested. Decided to create a what is now the Hotel America. So, then, My father started the business in the construction industry, Thanks to the hotel's turnover». And if that Trent is a family atmosphere, in the historic center near the Buoncosiglio Castle, the Garcia family abroad aimed at design and luxury. In Barcelona opened America, the temple design, While in Santo Domingo is the luxury hotel Agua Resort & Spa in Punta Cana.

Builders and masters of high-level hospitality? Around there are galore. One of the most egregious examples makes us stay in Trentino, where the construction manager Tiziano Zambotti for about a year has opened (and first built, According to the criteria of green building) one of the most beautiful hotels in the Alps, the Chalet Dolce Vita in Madonna di Campiglio. To handle it in detail and to give it the refined atmosphere and high class, but also warm and welcoming, is the wife, Elizabeth Tessaro, journalist and Pr. Twenty rooms, great wellness area, where is the "salt cave": over six hundred Himalayan salt blocks of which benefits you can enjoy lying down relaxing on a water bed. In the kitchen, Instead, There is the chef Enrico Croatti, twenty romagnolo with a resume, Despite his young age, to great effect. As his dishes.


To Fiorano al Serio, in the province of Bergamo, the Imberti Timbers for four generations is a rooted culture custodian of wood and is among the most important manufacturers of wooden roofs of Lombardy. In the 1960s, Giovanni's father Imberti, one of the brothers who today lead the company, He decided to invest in some thirty acres in Tuscany, in Poggibonsi. It was a time when no longer wanted to stay in the country and the land was sold at bargain prices. Never was so far-sighted investment. The seal now, they are also placed several typical Tuscan farmhouses, the family produces Chianti Imberti, Sangiovese, Vin Santo and the splendid Vito Arturo, a 100% Sangiovese, harmonious, rotondo, spicy, intense ruby colour and fruity aromas, always rewarded industry guides. Fattoria Le Fonti, This is the name of the farm of Imberti, It also produces an excellent olive oil Dop. A great passion that had flaps on carpentry activities, with the invention of unique Sun Breakers, specially created to get the active cooling of the non-underground wine cellars.

Also in the province of Bergamo, the giant building and real estate at the foot of Percassi produces upper town, in the municipality of Longuelo, excellent red wines. Bottled as if they were ready to be put on the shelves, they are actually intended for private consumption only Percassi family. And how their, thousands of construction workers, that in the heart, In addition to the brick, bring the wine goblet.

(from my article YouTrade may 2010)


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