The strange case of closing day

by Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a few lines, to talk about a phenomenon that now seems so rampant and singular from cannot exempt from reporting it to the catering people.

The question is this. Web sites which have now almost all local, the majority does not indicate the closing day. And if it indicates, one must lose ten minutes before to find us, Because maybe it is written in the text, or from anywhere else but it seems more logical to me to find it, i.e. in info or contacts.

The same thing often happens in answering restaurants.

My plea is heartfelt: Please, put out your beautiful day di riposto!

While you're at it, then, Since you have a website, get the menu, maybe updated, It can't hurt. A good 50% doesn't have it online yet and instead, in my opinion, I really appreciate him very gastronauti.


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