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Da Viola (former El Caval) to Antoinette (Castiglione della Pescaia)

by Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Friends, I was a little’ absent from here because I had a week around the world. In seven days I visited some more or less interesting places that I would now like to talk about.

FIRST STAGE – Restaurant Viola, Torri del Benaco (VR). The star-studded El Caval who decided "to adapt to the new demands of customers ' and more specifically, tell the owners: «The restaurant Purple is reasoned and updated reissue of Caval, that is the place where Isidore Consolini and his staff have been able to achieve excellence in catering with Michelin». So why this reissue? «Simply because Isidore and his wife Viola decided to go towards the needs of the public, trying to always offer excellence in the pot but at prices more content. The service became easier but, attention, no less accurate, as well as the offer of wines, also by the glass It has a high quality/price ratio. The new menu has been designed to offer always fresh seasonal produce, following the dictates of Slow Food Culture, packaged and served in formats intended for satisfaction and pleasure of Diner. Quality is an essential feature in the local led by Viola and his staff, How is different from the usual setting for the originality of the decorations, that have been renovated and are always unexpected and witty. In conclusion, looking for a place to eat something very good, spending figures do not mourn your wallet, Viola won't disappoint». And I was not disappointed, In fact. I tasted a seafood salad songino and shrimp with a light very fresh guacamole sauce and tasty, then the tagliolini with truffles of Monte Baldo excellent and abundant, a fried fish Lake lightweight and perfect, a simple roast turbot with exquisite and, dulcis in fundo, a delicious peach Parfait. Also the fabulously delicious bread basket (super breadsticks). Most virtuous wines paper (I ordered a Lugana
Cà dei Friars to 15 euro). Place mats of non-woven cloth purple, very charming, small tables on the terrace, under a blast of jasmine, friendly service and nice, candle holders made with recycled glass pots, menu facts… as you can see in the picture below. Price:? 35 euro, wine included. I find really clever, honest and courageous choice of Isidore and his wife. Well done again, in all directions.

Isidore menu holders

SECOND STAGE – Santo Stefano Belbo (CN). After Purple, via the birthplace of Cesare Pavese, where I waited to receive the award “Wine literature”, collateral to the better-known competition award. Made me great pleasure to receive recognition for “The wine Menu” especially for the jury: «Original and interesting Book, Since its design, that looks really innovative : in fact, the author, reverses the traditional method of choosing the wine that generally follows that of foods. Instead it focuses on wine as a Prince of the meal and the wine selection proceeds backward. This procedure, It is evident, It is not only a formal issue, but a veritable cultural revolution. Interesting menu suggested proposals to accompany the wines that the author presents». The first prize went to Attilio Giacosa and Mariangela Rondanelli, with the truth about wine, Castle of Grinzane, Wine and health. National Observatory on conscious consumption of wine, 2008. The jury, chaired by Giovanna Romanelli prof.ssa, already lecturer at the Sorbonne, and composed by Luigi Gatti, Arnaldo Colombo, Luciana Shod and Giuseppe and Elena Brandone Bartone, awarded prizes consisting of a wide selection of wines and CAVAS, made available by Cantina Sociale "Vallebelbo" di Santo Stefano Belbo, official sponsor of the event.

Nothing gourmet stop, Alas: Sometimes you have to do some’ of diet!

Casa di Cesare Pavese

Here's the prize

THIRD LEG – Marc Jacob's Bistro. Seems to be the most glamorous place for Milan Summer 2010. Boh. Normal place, salads, club sandwich, some dishes with interesting names, but when I was I had been cooking up jobs to 12 and the menu for that day had reduced…

FOURTH STAGE – L'andana, Restaurant Trattoria Toscana, Castiglion della Pescaia(GR). What about this magnificent estate where time seems to stop and even the light, here, think of a special light illuminate all the context, How does as soon as you step inside the huge gate to return to the reality of the highway that leads to Castiglion della Pescaia… All, here, is cared for to the smallest detail: perfect service, in a perfect place. And it is so rare to find. For those who don't know, This is the relais-agriturismo cellar and soon high-level Moretti, the Builder and manufacturer of wine (but not only), owner of Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, the Albereta of Gualtiero Marchesi and Chenot, etc. etc. Here in Tuscany, Instead, he entrusted the Director to Alain Ducasse… The relais will I live at the end of July, for a very special occasion, While the other day I was having dinner at the restaurant open to outside, la Trattoria Toscana, location adjacent to the old House which houses the hotel, warm and welcoming atmosphere, but elegant at the same time. With the wood-fired oven where all the bread is baked every morning and a wine cellar in a canned Crystal cube where the walls are the bottles, absolute protagonists. The restaurant has a Michelin star and does not disappoint. Excellent service and good food, as the Eggplant pie, the lunghetti with prawns, capelonghe, cicadas, clams, the soufflé with Pistachio cream. Here is a little’ photos, but the restaurant not because the GeishaGourmet this time had forgotten to load the camera…

The entrance of the Windrow

There are even the Chianina

Where we go?

Glimpse of the landscape

At the Trattoria Toscana (with change of garment)

We enter Trattoria Toscana

FIFTH STAGE – Antonietta's Restaurant, Castiglion della Pescaia (GR). Introduction. I always sleep with the television on, I can not put even the auto shut-off because I wake up. One night, towards the 4, I woke up and, on Rai, Maurizio Costanzo was interviewing Antonio, Fisherman 96 He still goes out every day with his boat to go on the hunt for fresh seafood for the restaurant Antonietta di Castiglion della Pescaia. As I keep telling myself riaddormento “Don't forget: Antonietta's restaurant, Antoinette, Antoinette…”. Upon awakening take note and I intend to go there. Antoinette is an historic, born in the 1950s from a family of fishermen: his warhorse is the risotto to the sailor, in red, the crock. To see him go and settle on an apparently superlative table, but I don't can I order, Why do only on reservation. Fallback on mixed appetizers home (see photo), where Excel marinated sardines with red onion and breaded squid, for the rest everything quite “normal”, How to homemade pasta alla marinara and fish grigliatina. Good mixed fries. I spent 90 euro in two, wine “honest” included, and I felt maybe a little bit too, but above all my expectations were higher than what I found.

The appetizer (with bitten toast, I was hungry!)

A kiss from your GG


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