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by Sunday, May 16, 2010

In life, every now and then, you have to compromise. Not too many, certain, especially not too big. At the bottom we have to compromise for "matters of life and death" as when he wants to see that "beautiful" movies all gunfire and no plot, While you can't miss the episode of "Sex and the city". Trouble not find a mediation, one of the two would sleep on the couch. The choice of a restaurant is not a matter of life or death, However there are times where the aesthetic taste, hearing and anything else need to compromise, get by, to leave room for only the pleasure of the palate. One of these times it happens with the restaurant pizzeria Damps. Eh Yes, because this is not an elegant, Neither minimal, much less romantic or resembling from osteria. Rather, is the classic place of passage, pretty cool and anonymous, spotlessly clean but without care of details and details and close your eyes and do not look at the hanging curtains at the Windows. But that's not what matter. Because in the end there are fresh flowers on the table the most important thing about a restaurant, but the quality of what is brought to the table. If this is there, even the mise en place is a negligible aspect. And Dampens, In fact, the taste triumphs, in total simplicity. Choose with confidence among the 62 pizza list, cooked in a wood oven and made with a thin dough, crunchy, Lightweight: No disappoint, starting from basic Marinara (the true litmus test of pizza) until you get to the sublime porcini and Parma ham. You spend by 3,50 to 8,50 euro (by the time I came in so low prices!). By I eat Dampens pizza not only more good di Trento, but also many other local renowned outside the region.

The choice lies also in the restaurant's menu, where are the Trentino lucanica on tabiel (9 euro), tripe soup or dumplings in broth or sauce (all to 5 euro), the risotto of the day (7 euro), goulash to thirty (9 euro), carne salada (8 euro), until the opulence of the dish "Damps", consisting of sauerkraut, Knödel, gulasch and sausages (There will be someone who manages to come down?). In season, then, at the restaurant you can enjoy delicious asparagus production, served with eggs, the Bismark, Alla parmigiana or gorgonzola (Come on 12 to 13 euro). And if you can find a little room for dessert, again, don't spend more than 5 euro. All simple dishes, traditional, delicious, of those that make you go back to look for them: for this you can turn a blind eye, Indeed, better both ears, even on local noise, due to the lack of education of patrons.

We will come back? There are already returned several times, because this is a local-jolly by do not escape.

Restaurant Pizzeria Damps

Via Rimoni, 26 – Romagnano – 38100 Trento

Tel: 0461/349130 – Closed on Tuesdays

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  • Cosimo piovasco
    December 14, 2012

    Tei Francesca, but ste Carmine de tents you change or not.?

    • Gourmet Geisha
      December 14, 2012

      No me par… But for a while now’ of months there's the Lego corner though

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