Today the Inn reopens Margon

by Thursday, April 22, 2010

Veranda or "gourmet Lounge". —, If we wanted to talk in terms of fashion, sneacker or jeans and stiletto heels. Looks like the new Inn Margon, Re-opens today, After over three months of closure, with Alfio Ghezzi, a "trentino back" after his experience with Gualtero Marchesi and three years from the right arm of Michelin two-star Andrea Berton, the restaurant's Chef Trussardi in Milan. For la Locanda Margon, Gamal has abandoned the idea of opening his own restaurant in the province of Cuneo. Fair of "having come in a great talent", the goal of the Lunelli family, the owner of the local, is immediately declared: "We want Tavern Margon is first and foremost a reference point and a meeting place for the Trentino", said yesterday during the preview dedicated to printing vice President of Ferrari, Matteo Lunelli. And to meet the tastes of trentini, Here is a proposal for a "multifaceted and dynamic".

In "gourmet Lounge" menu there will be a "bubble" Suggestion (85 euros including wines), five course – where the canederlo of intrigues fregula sarda, small clams and broccoli – accompanied by an escalation of Ferrari labels, from Perl to Julius; a "Suggestion terroir" menu (60 euro, wine not included), where the raw materials of the territory allow themselves to interpret from the creativity of the chef; "A dish for a wine", or you can choose your favourite wine and chef, to surprise, We will match a recipe that best enhances (a game that was inspired by the book "The wine Menu", edited by Curcu&Galbraith last December). In the gourmet zone, You can also choose a la carte, with appetizers ranging from 20 to 28 euro, first ranging from 16 to 20 euro, seconds meat and fish from 24 to 32 euro, desserts by 10 to 12 euro (fantastic pizza dolce, with tomato, oregano and almond paste).

Then there is the Veranda, with separate entrance, where the atmosphere is easy chic and promise is to serve a three-course menu in less than 52 minutes and 28 euro. "A perfect proposal – explains Lunelli – for business lunches and dinners between friends". Here you will find a lobster salad, guacamole and chips to polenta blown to 13 euro rather than a breaded chicken breast with schuttelbrot, Purple CAP and speck to 15 euro, and a selection of wines by the glass. "A few months ago – it looks – I said that Lunelli catering thirty had to ripensarsi: We did it, without renouncing to excellence because Trent, from the perspective of a complete tourist offer, must also be a gourmet destination ".

On the other hand, Alfio Ghezzi, forty-year-old of Thyone (TN), If you take note of the tsunami of the past thirty months catering (Read more here) and no worries even the fact that Trent is a notoriously difficult place for who runs out of premises: "I tried not to think about it – said – I got here worries and clearance with the right Office. I want to especially understand and meet customer expectations and tastes of the palate of Trentino ". By making a total kitchen, How would call Marchesi, careful not just what you eat but also to the entire context (by furnishing tablecloths) and with so much territory in the pot, "but that must be an opportunity and a stimulus to creativity, not a constraint ".

In summer, then, Ghezzi's offer will multiply with the Sunday brunch served in the patio and with glamourosissimo BubleQ, or bubbles and barbecue.

All you have to do is go to test in person as soon as possible (, I'll go quietly in the coming days – print preview because you can't ever really understand – and I'll let you know. (This article appeared today in the Corriere del Trentino)


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