Sternigo | Trento | El Filò. Grilled meat and sweets from dizziness

by Sunday, April 18, 2010

El filò is not yet very well known restaurant in Trentino, Maybe because it's just in its third opening season, Maybe for the locality where it is located, Sternigo, small fraction of Baselga di Pinè, just twenty minutes from Trento, but not much beaten by those who live in the city. This little restaurant of just 40 seats offers the best meat that until now I could enjoy in the region. And at fair prices. The Monday evening of October they landed at El filò was convinced that, as I had previously happened in many other places, my table was the only of the night. The restaurant, Instead, It was pleasantly almost all fully booked. Accommodated to the beautiful table in front of the fireplace on which bake the meat proposals to grey, I chose a full menu, But what I wanted to test was definitely three things: the de Potato Pancake (until that time I had never managed to eat well in the restaurant), meat and sweets, because the friends that I had reported El filò I had spoken wonders. The tortel, made with potato-only according to original recipe (What keeps the brotherhood) and combined with a good quality luganega sausage and tasty cheese, was very good. The Black Angus rib eye was of excellent quality, cooked to perfection and served on a heated tray because they grow cold. Crunchy, juicy, greasy, had an excellent taste and, mostly, at a reasonable price: 4 EUR per 100 g, the same price that you find in Tuscany (and against the 6-8 euros per gram of other places visited in Trentino). The chapter desserts, then, I just got something unexpected: Here are the speciality ice cream (Ginger, with Basil etc) and then I aimed straight on this, ordered the gorgonzola ice cream with pears to grappa. A plate of a balance and a flavor worthy of a high cuisine restaurant (and the price is low, just 4,50 euro). Tell me also wonders of Apple creme Brulee, It will be the excuse for my next visit ... Certain, in El Filò not everything is perfect. Some dishes can be improved, should be treated more like the bread and the wine list, staff and with labels that might give way to other, the most intriguing. Overall, though, you are good. Counting that who's going to eat meat for sure I miss the first and that a cost (about 1 kg) you eat normally in two, per person cost about 50 euro, drinks included and a good wine combined. From the menu, though, You can also choose homemade pastries, padellate meat, typical Trentino recipes, While the Grill offers Irish beef Florentine, cut of meat argentina, Bison, lamb chops. The environment is pretty, inserted into a new building in mountain style, with two internal rooms (one is a small room where you can dine in maximum 10 people) and one outdoor area where you can dine Alfresco in the summer, enjoying the cool that here never fails.


via Miralago 43 – Fraz. STERNIGO – 38042 Baselga di Pinè (TN) – Tel 0461.553156

Closing day: Thursday,

Last test: October 2009


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