Other than Pata Negra

by Thursday, April 15, 2010

Already after the first slice, carefully cut by hand, the first thought is this. «More than Pata Negra». Yes, because this is something unforgettable ham, that does not regret for a moment the noble Spanish sausage. Lorenzo and his wife Lucy are the ham so good that they recognized was Dop Prosciutto di Cormons. And it is at the foot of the mountain "Quarin", in the Collio goriziano, that for three generations has roots in the small family Temple D'osvaldo. The pigs, of different races, come exclusively from herds friulani, including those cinta senese in the wild which no time flock to the breeding of Corno di Rosazzo, watched with watchful eye by Lorenzo himself. The farmers are all peasants: soy feed, barley or corn doesn't buy them but make them (a particular anything but minimum). The smoking process to Cormons is to hang your thighs on a cherry Laurel fire that embraces two days a water pot overflowing with Sage, fennel, Rosemary and lemon verbena: the trick doesn't guarantee more poetry but only, compared to a non-smoked, take away the aftertaste of stye that occasionally gives boredom. The pepatura then is double (You pepa, She washes, You ripepa) and salting particular: It is only where you need it. The pieces will hang for six months of seasoning, tiran you down, put lard, You spice and riappendono for a further six months. The hams produced each year by D'osvaldo are just two thousand: If you do not call for time you are likely to get a dry mouth for months. Also because the price is inversely proportional to the quality.

Ham Factory Lorenzo D'osvaldo
Via Dante 40 -Cormons (GO)


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