I migliori sparkling del mondo secondo Stevenson

von Mittwoch, Juli 13, 2016

UND’ stata ufficializzata oggi la lista dei migliori champagne e sparkling wines del mondo secondo il critico inglese Tom Stevenson.

Nel comunicato stampa si legge:

France gained the largest haul of Gold medals with a fantastic 69, of which 67 were awarded to Champagnes and the others two from the Loire. The judges were delighted to discover that not only were Champagne entries significantly higher this year, but that 25% of the participating producers were growers, enabling them to award “Best Grower Champagne” for the very first time. They were also particularly impressed by the quality of the Italian, Spanish and the English entries, with 30, 11 und 16 Gold medals awarded to these countries respectively. The Italian Golds were dominated by wines from Franciacorta (14) and Trentodoc (11). Of the New World countries, Australia romped home with 9 Gold and 9 Silver medals, closely followed by New Zealand and Argentina.

Curiosi di scoprire la lista completa? Cliccate QUI.



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